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Digital to On-Your-Wall

I walked into my sister’s home the other day and noticed that she had hung up her son’s newborn pictures on the wall. Of course, I was the proud photographer of these photos. My favorite photo on the wall is the one with the 3 boys proudly standing with their new baby brother. (Yes, she has four boys!!) I marveled at how it really enhanced her wall, especially because the neutral colors of her newborn photos matched her home so well. It got me thinking, I hope that all of my clients are enjoying their printed photos like my sister and her family are! My next thought was, what if I can offer my clients more products; tangible images that can be held in your hand or admired on your wall. I always wonder what my clients end up doing with their digital images. Yes, digital images are very important in 2023. We want to be able to display our pictures on our phones and computers. Sharing our photos on social media and with family and friends is one of the fun parts of getting photos done. But I think there’s an even funner and possibly more fulfilling part of having your family’s photos taken and that is displaying these photos in your home. Did you know that there are actually emotional benefits when children see photos of themselves displayed on the wall? Studies show that it actually builds a child’s self confidence. My sister-in-law who lives out of state got some family photos done this past fall. Her pictures came out absolutely magnificent. She got all of her photos digitally and I encouraged her to get them printed and hung right away. (We all know how time runs away from us.) She did! Each of her children now has a photo in their room with their parents and I can assure you that her children will always feel loved and cherished when they wake up and see these photos displayed in their bedroom. For this reason, I will be switching up my packages a little bit to be more product focused. Any package that you choose will include some sort of picture display, whether it’s matted prints in a gorgeous glass display box or and album. And of course, I always offer complimentary custom wall designs. As your newborn and family photographer, I am passionate and excited to provide you with a seamless experience, from our first phone call where we custom design the photoshoot for you, until the last step of delivering to you our top quality products that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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