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He Captured My Heart, I Captured the Moment

I finally fulfilled my dream of photographing my own newborn son this past September. Ever since I started newborn photography, I dreamed of the day that I would be able to use my skills on my own little miracle. So six days postpartum, instead of utilizing his nap time to take my own little nap I was wrapping, soothing and capturing his tiny little features. I had a vision for his nursery wall months before he was born. I wanted to capture all the little baby details that are easily forgotten if not for a photo of them. In photography terms we call them "detailed shots". Who doesn't want a picture of a newborn's hands, feet, their hair (if they have any) and their delicate lips? I found a perfect set of nine square black frames from Target. I printed out the detailed shots and framed them. My husband and I just hung them on his nursery wall last week and it looks absolutely beautiful. My vision is complete!

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